Tarantula burger: Reactions as a restaurant serves tarantula spiders on burgers

The menu also includes pythons and bugs

If you're in search of a food item that will make you a more adventurous eater, you're in luck: a restaurant in North Carolina is serving a tarantula burger during the month of April.

The tarantula burger in question is being served at a restaurant called Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, North Carolina.

The restaurant is currently celebrating Exotic Meat Month, which, according to their website is "a chance to experience tastes that other cultures enjoy every day.


It is a chance to learn about new flavors and increase your culture awareness.

Exotic Meat Month also includes items like python, ostrich, reindeer, elk, and bugs, all of which are common delicacies in different cultures around the world.


There is one catch, however, if you do want to eat this tarantula burger.


You can't just walk into the restaurant, order a tarantula burger, and have it delivered to you: you actually have to enter a raffle to have the chance to eat one, and then you have to win the challenge to get one.

This place is really making customers work for their tarantula burgers — it's basically a limited edition food item, because according to The Huffington Post, the restaurant only ordered a few for this dish.



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