Experts in for turf installation

Two experts arrived in the country on Sunday from Zimbabwe to install a new artificial turf at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre, the company’s local expert, Jossam Namwera, has confirmed.

The experts are from ACT Global Sports, the company which the government signed an agreement with to install the turf. The turf arrived via Mozambique in January but the project has delayed due to the rainy season.

“We expect the chief expert to be in the country before the end of this month. Apart from just laying the carpet on the pitch, turf installation involves a lot of things.

“So, in the meantime, we will be carrying out other activities which have nothing to do with the rains. The laying down of the carpet will then be done when the rains stop. We instructed the experts to come because we are going towards the end of the rainy season. It will only take about six weeks to finish the work,” Namwera said.

Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Director, Joram Nkhokwe, confirmed that the rainy season is coming to an end in the Southern Region.

“Of course, rains do not just stop at once, but they will not be as heavy as in the other regions like in the North because there it extends up to May,” Nkhokwe said.

The closure of the oldest stadium last season has inconvenienced Blantyre-based teams which are playing all games away.

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