Zari Hassan: Diamond in trouble over his romantic videos with two different women

Diamond Platnumz. Fans have attacked the singer over his romantic videos that he shared on social media.

Diamond amechoma picha!!!

Diamond Platnumz has landed in trouble with a section of his fans after sharing romantic videos while having a good time with two different women.

Millions of people have been angered by Diamond’s behavior after exposing his private life on social media despite having a young family.

Many who took to the comment section opted to advise the WCB CEO, asking him to respect the woman he hangs around with.


A section of his fans has castigated his behaviour terming the act disrespectful to the women he hangs out with. Another section reminded him that, what he was doing to other people's daughters would come to haunt him in the future.

Through his Insta-stories, Diamond shared videos while passionately kissing his new Mzungu girlfriend, followed by a romantic video with Hamisa in bed.

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“LONDON!!! 2ND JUNE 2018 #OneAfricaMusicFest shared Diamond

Reaction from Fans

“Remember every time you are disgracing women or thinking you r hurting Zari, the real embarasment goes to your mother.”

“Heyyy dummy? Don't catch AIDS trying to make your ex jelous”

“Some videos you post,lower your standards really,ambia Hamissa anunue ticket”

There is no one on earth who does what is right all the time and never makes a mistake… Hope you learn from you're mistakes”


“Waanzaje kujipendekeza kwa mungu wakati wa kusali wakati tabia zako mbovu kiasi hiki tena kusudi yani dah, hata kama dini ina ruhusu si kwa design hii..jiheshimu baba @diamondplatnumz izi kiki utaziacha hapa duniani alafu wewe @hamisamobetto sijui ukoje”

“Thank you for proving zari got good brains more than yours and hamissa combined”

“Wow!! He has no respect for women what makes you Think history will not repeat itself.?:

“Learn how to handle your private life, kids and baby mamas like the Real Lions of Africa Davido and Wizkid do before you learn the hard way like Mr. Nice did!!!”

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"@mama_dangote next tym ask the neighbours how they raise their kids …. @diamondplatnumz yo a disgrace"

@diamondplatnumz actions were demeaning to all ladies and children. He should know he’s now a father and a public figure that some children look up to. That was totally uncalled for. He should stop acting like a teenager who has just made a few bucks. We should actually protest going to his concerts so that he can come back to his senses… I’m honestly very disgusted by his actions"

“Get serious ffs how could you possibly lose sleep because of mondi? Are you his sister? Let him fuck em bitches after all they're after money”


@sandra_africa threatening @officialbelaire from a third world country due to morals is insanity at its finest 藍 you sure you done research on they brand and their ambassadors? Visit that tag you put up

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