Fashion: Tips to make leggings look stylish

It's important to remember though, that leggings are not pants!

Contrary to popular belief, leggings can be stylish.

While it's very possible to make leggings not appear basic, it's also important to remember leggings are not pants. Ladies, do not step out wearing transparent leggings leaving nothing to the imagination. It's tacky and classless. When buying leggings, always go for those with a thick fabric that's not see through.

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One of the things I love most about leggings is that they're super versatile and comfortable. In fact, if I could wear one thing for the rest of my life, I'd gladly choose leggings. So, how can you wear leggings out of the house without looking like a walking catastrophe about to happen?

Let me school you.

1. So first things first, if you're gonna leave the house wearing leggings, I reiterate, wear thick fabric leggings.


2. Dress them up by pairing them with a cute blouse and jacket and complete the look with pair of sexy heels.


3. If you're a work out junkie, why not show off those abs you've been working hard to get by wearing a crop top?


4. You could also bear the midriff for a night out by pairing your leggings with a crop top and heels.


5. Pair the leggings with cute long sweaters or statement tees and booties to turn the look from drab to fab.


6. The good thing about legging is that they're super versatile, depending on how you dress them up or down.











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