Diamond new lover: Diamond Platnumz finds new love after being dumped by Zari

Diamond Platnumz who has hooked up with a new mzungu girlfriend

Diamond has hooked up with a new Mzungu girlfriend

WCB President Diamond Platnumz has found new love months after being dumped by his baby mama Zari Hassan.

Through his insta-stories Chibu Dangote has shared romantic videos while swimming in the deep waters of love with his new Mzungu girlfriend.

In one of the stories, Platnumz has affirmed that he is following Harmonize’s footsteps by hooking up with a new mzungu fiancée.


The hit maker of African Beauty is seen passionately kissing his new girlfriend, while Harmonize watches from a distance.

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“Wacha Tuhongwe sasa.. Harmo nafata nyayo Zako kaka" said Diamond while he caressed the lady.


He went ahead and mentioned that whenever you are dumped accept and move on “ Kumbuka: Ukiachwa achika”



This comes hours after Zari fired shots at the singer for neglecting his Kids.



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