Relationship Talk With Bukky: How do I make my boyfriend have my time?

Unhappy girlfriend

All of sudden, he changed. He hardly talks to me the way he used to.

Dear Bukky,

My boyfriend was once romantic with me even though there was distance between us.

All of sudden, he changed. He hardly talks to me the way he used to. When I call him, he says I’m pissing him off.

When I tell him I can't continue with the relationship, he says nothing!!!

I think I’m beginning to lose him. I love him. Please advise me.

I want him to have my time.

Dear reader,

If your boyfriend is doing all he can to avoid seeing you or speaking to you, then you can be sure something’s up and it could either have something to do with you or not.

If his reticence has something to do with you, I’m of the opinion that it makes more sense to communicate this with you instead of choosing to go AWOL on you.

That being said, I think his apparent unconcern about your decision to leave should give you the biggest cue yet – that man is no longer interested and in my opinion, you can’t force anyone to have your time. People create time for what is important, for things they value.

If he’s rather not see you and your calls for his attention annoys him, I think the handwriting on the wall is clear – let that man go.
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