DJ Shiru fired, replaced by DJ Xzyl

DJ Shiru has been replaced by DJ Xyl

No condition in life or at work is permanent though many happen to forget this in their mind. When it comes to executing duties, many under look their opportunities forgetting that once a job gets out of your palm, retaining it back might probably turn out another obstacle. That is how lucky or un lucky Uganda’s famous Dj Shiru is.
DJ Shiru is a big DJ in the land, but it doesn’t mean he cannot get fired. Latest news to reach us is that he has been booted from Monot Bar where he has been holding weekly theme shows.
Moles say he had failed to attract a crowd. Shiru has been replaced by DJ Xzyl, who is famous for her stint at Sanyu FM. Xzyl also plays at Bristos bar where she is enjoying a fair amount of success. She was voted the best female DJ last year in the DJ Awards.​

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