Sheila Ndinda: 5 ways to style your natural afro like Sheila Ndinda (Photos)

Learn how to style your mane like Sheila Ndinda.

The natural hair movement is not about to die down anytime soon with a lot of women learning to embrace their natural hair.

Whether wearing it in all its afro glory or choosing to tame the mane into bantu knots, naturalistas have definitely made natural hair cool.

One of those naturalistas is popular lifestyle Youtuber Sheila Ndinda who rocks the hell out of an afro.

Here are 5 photos of her wearing her hair in an afro that you could get styling inspiration from.

1. Keep it simple and comb out your afro.

2. A little curl never hurt anyone.

3. If your going for the cute, playful look, you could always double puff it.


4. See that part right there

5. Play around with hair accessories


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