Learn From These 7 Female Celebrities How To Stun In Head Wraps

The fashion world is growing tremendously and we are not even ready for what is ahead of us. We all love to look good and we have to give it up to designers who work tirelessly to come up with unique fashion trends that we end up falling in love with.

Shoes and clothes are pretty common in the market, coz we actually can’t live without them and the fact that it’s not science.

But one trend that has taken over the fashion industry with a bang is the head wraps trend. Both men and women have embraced this trend, trying out different styles be it on long or short hair and we are loving every bit of it.

These 7 female celebrities have given us so much life with their head wrap game and maybe you can borrow a leaf or two from their head wrap tree.

  1. Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi is a stunner and she’s not new in the fashion industry. We love how well she rocks head wraps with right about any outfit.

2. Patricia Kihoro

Ever since she cut her hair short, Patricia has been very experimental with her hair and head wraps work just well with her short hair.

3. Kambua

First of all, she’s a sweetheart and her head wraps give us so much life.

4. Julie Gichuru

Is there anything that this lady wears that doesn’t look good on her? I don’t think so and this head wrap is just everything.

5. STL

Doesnt she look amazing?

6. Huddah

She loves expensive things and expensive things really do love her back.

7. Vera Sidika

You can never go wrong letting your hair down and rocking that head wrap like a pro.

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