FNL rebel movement chief of staff dismissed

Major General Aloys Nzabampema and the president of this rebel movement, Isidore Nibizi have been dismissed from their functions, reads a statement issued on Friday, January 5, by Major General Felix Ntahonkuriye on behalf of the “FNL Movement Rehabilitation Committee”.

The dismissed chief of staff is accused of divulging the secrets of the movement by exhibiting its weaponry via social networks. Major General Aloys Nzabampema is mainly accused of having acquaintances with Jacques Bigirimana, president of FNL party. An audio recording has also been unveiled.

This new leadership speaks of a disastrous situation in the country, a failure on the cause of the “Banamarimwe”, the fighters of this rebel movement.

This “rehabilitation committee of FNL movement” accuses the former chief of staff and his president of lack of precision as to the path to be taken to achieve the objectives of this rebel group.

That’s not all. General Ntahonkuriye also reproaches them for the non-respect of the rules of procedure, the lack of respect towards their collaborators.

He also says General Nzabampema ruled with an iron fist. According to him, the consultation had no place: “Any faithful member of the movement who has new ideas is taken for an enemy and is consequently dismissed or simply killed”.

The leader of this committee of change argues that the fallen authorities confused the movement with a “religious sect”. They created, he says, divisions among the leadership of the movement and its armed wing based on beliefs. In addition, he assures that the old management was mistreating the new recruits.

This “committee for the rehabilitation of FNL rebel movement” is led by Oscar Havyarimana and Major General Felix Ntahonkuriye is the new chief of staff.

By Abbas Mbazumutima & Egide Nikiza and translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana

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