Middle East Consultants Send 55 to Work with Abu Dhabi Oil Company

By Tonny Akankwatsa

Top Ugandan labor exporters, Middle East Consultants Limited (MECL) have Tuesday flagged off 55 people to go and work abroad in one of the biggest oil and gas companies in Abu Dhabi.

The team will each get a salary of Shs3m per month and guaranteed extra pay on overtime work.

The above offers come with free accommodation, meals and medical insurance as well as a free return ticket on completion of a two year contract.

Before departure, they had a brief induction together with their parents from the company Recruitment Officer, Godfrey Kyalimpa.

Godfrey Kyalimpa serving out documents to the team

Godfrey Kyalimpa serving out documents to the team

Kyalimpa cautioned them to “exercise highest degree of discipline because it is key,” urging them to “Behave well and protect the name of their country, Uganda.”

The group was also tipped by on saving by the officer who asked them to “money discipline rather spending it extravagantly.”

They were also advised to always remember the people they have left behind, especially their wives, parents and children.

According to Gordon Mugyenyi, the recruiting agency chief executive officer, the exported workers are part of the order secured by the company to supply 400 for the same jobs in Abu Dhabi.

Parents witnessed the event and they have been asked to bring in more children

Parents witnessed the event and they have been asked to bring in more children

Interviews and registration are still ongoing for the remaining 309.

Parents have been called upon to send in their children for registration so that they can use the available chance to save them from the problem of unemployment.


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