Padi Wubonn: I wouldn’t go for two months without falling ill- Padi Wubonn reveals

Comedian Padi Wubonn. Padi revealed that he wouldn’t go for two months without falling ill

Would you believe this?

Kenyan Comedian and arguably the current king of parody Padi Wubonn has revealed that he would not go for two months without falling ill, when he was in school.

The comedian who was speaking on Ebru TV’s Hot Plate show disclosed that he used to get sick all the time until one of his teachers introduced him to fitness classes through football.

The comedian said that after that he realized that he needed more fitness and that is when he got into the gym, which he says has kept him out of hospital for a while.

There is no way I could finish two months without getting sick and one of my teachers that I so much respect got me into fitness in terms of football and when I realized it was something I really needed, it has since been my thing,” said Padi.


He also said that everyone needs to be fit because when one has a stronger body and a relaxed mind you can literally do anything.

Padi further disclosed that he has made fitness part of his daily duties aside from acting and directing comedy.

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