Man rapes donkey till it loses consciousness

He admitted to the police that he indeed did the act.

A middle-aged man was caught having sex with a donkey in Zimbabwe.

While details pertaining to how he got arrested are yet to be ascertained, he was recorded while admitting in a police station how he sexually violated the poor Jennet (a name of a female donkey).

What even shocked the police officers more is the allegation that he raped the donkey till it lost consciousness.



A secondary school student was recently arrested for defiling a cow in Kakamega County.

The young man was senselessly beaten up by irate area residents who came close to burning him before he was rescued by his father.

The culprit’s father begged the residents for forgiveness on his behalf and offered to buy off the cow from Mr. Atoko at Sh25,000.


Mr. Atoko, in turn, offered not to press any charges against the randy teenager.

‘'I am shocked and afraid that a man would want to turn a cow into a woman. Please, let that boy and his father leave this area soon as they have submitted the agreed amount. I do not want to see them in this village.’’

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