Akothee: Check Out the three Multi-million Mansion’s owned by Akothee [Photos]

Singer Esther akoth aka Akothee who owns three multi-million Mansions

Living like a Boss!!

Flamboyant Female Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee is among richest Female celebrities in the Kenyan Music industry and all thanks to her never ending  hustle spirit.

The Mother of five has revealed little known details about her private life bringing to the limelight her three owned Multi-million mansions.

The hit-maker of “Baby Daddy” owns three Mansions located in Mombasa, Rongo and Nairobi.

The singer shared he achievements on social media, in a bid to school those who want to teach her morals of life.


“My retirement home , my parents retirement home, my grandparents retirement home, then you want to teach me morals of life ? What do you know about life ?or what have you seen that I haven't seen ? Which class do you own that you think should be copied by me ? Make up ? Business class tickets ? Five star hotel? Expensive wardrobe ? What is class ? Am asking for a friend, I will not copy you in anyway !wait and dress me when my name will be body not now that am #MadamBossher lichnes, my family calls me AKOTHEEBIG #Rongospar #rakwatospar #kujaspar. tag me yourspar abeg make your family your priority mungu akikumulika” wrote Akothee


Last year celebrated Radio comedian Jalang’o revealed some interesting facts about Akothee’s house in Mombasa.

According to Jalang’o, Akothee owns a 16 bed-roomed house that enjoys the good breeze of the ocean.

Apart from the 16 Bedrooms, the house has 12 white towels in each room, 15 bed sheets, a 12 by 10 bed, a private chef, an undersea glass boat and a personal massage.


“So I get to mombasa then I tell my sister @akotheekenya that I have landed in Mombasa …she tells me…Let me not find you booking any hotel and I have 16 bedrooms in my private beach home..
1. 12 white towels, 2. 15 bed sheets, 3. Private chef, 4. Under sea glass boat, 5. Personal massage, 6. 12 by 10 bed ,7….pls continue with the list” 
Jalang’o revealed.

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