Abel Mutua: Abel Mutua’s hilarious Valentine Message to his wife

Abel Mutua and his wife Nyawira. He has sent a hilarious Valentine Message to his wife

Hapa ni mapenzi tu

Former Tahidi actor Abel Mutua popularly known as Freddy has surprised many with a hilarious valentine’s message to his wife.

In the message posted on his Instagram account, Abel thanked his wife for travelling upcountry so as not to make him feel the valentine’s pressure that other men are undergoing.

Honestly babe, I don’t even know where to begin. Wanaume Hapa nje wanauza matv ndio wapeleke warembo wao Valentines. Wewe umehurumia boychild ukapack suitcase ukaenda Kapenguria ndio nisisikie pressure. If this is not love I don’t know what is. You’re the only one I’ll be thinking about as I binge watch ‘I (Almost) got away with it’ on IDx,” read part of his post.

The funny man went ahead and gave his wife a plan on what she should do during their anniversary which he said only separated with her birthday by one day. He asked her to go to work.

As I’m kulaing my ugali mala, I’m also kulaing strategy on how to handle the food insecurity plaguing our country. So also on your birthday/anniversary (They’re only one day apart) feel free to go to work because this country needs you. (She works on an agricultural documentary in case anyone’s wondering). I promise babe sitasikia vibaya. I love you so much babe,” he said.


Abel said that the money he had saved on valentines would go into good use.

It will buy our demio the big exhaust pipe and rims because that is what our baby Stephanie wants. You’re the best. @judynyawira.” He said.

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