Stanbic Bank takes over Uganda Cup title rights

Stanbic Bank takes over Uganda Cup title rights

Uganda Cup has received a huge boost following a sh300m sponsorship deal between Stanbic Bank and FUFA.

The tournament will now be called the Stanbic Uganda Cup. The winner of the tournament will walk away with sh30m, the runner up will get sh20m, the semifinalists with sh10m each, while the quarter finalists will each receive sh5m.

“The Stanbic Uganda Cup is without doubt Uganda’s most famous knockout football competition. It allows teams from the remotest parts of the country to compete against well-established big names on the same stage. This promotes football development across the country and allows for the unearthing and spotting of talent that would otherwise go unnoticed,” the Stanbic Banks Head of Communication and Marketing Daniel Ogong said.

FUFA who were led by its president Moses Magogo thanked the Bank for the supporting football in the country.

“We are proud to have found a partner with such a long and pround sporting heritage. The Uganda Cup is steeped in history having been played since 1971 and as FUFA, we are excited to have found a sponsor who appreciates the history and scale of the competition,” Magogo said.

The Uganda Cup is played annually with teams coming from the league and non-league sides.

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