Top Minister Named In NRM Fake Cards’ Saga; As Diaspora League Meltdown Rages-On!

Top Minister Named In NRM Fake Cards’ Saga; As Diaspora League Meltdown Rages-On!

By Our Reporter

The sale of fake NRM cards saga has sucked in former state minister for housing and also NRM vice chairman-Northern region Sam Engola.

According to information before us, the former minister is a patron of the NRM chapter in Instambul-Turkey but this chapter bosses are alleged to have been allied to the renegade NRM Diaspora splinter group. This group is allegedly being led by Patrick Asiimwe.

Our well-placed sources told us that Engola became patron of this chapter after recommending a one Hussein Wasswa to the Diaspora league chairman Abbey Walusimbi but the boy he recommended has allegedly been part of the illegal fake cards saga group.

We have been told that Hussein is a son to the presidential advisor on Lango region affairs Okodi Levi.

“Engola is the one who recommended this boy to head that chapter and he is its patron. However, we were shocked when we discovered that the boy had joined that group which the NRM secretariat and state house are hunting for. The group has been selling NRM party cards yet this is against our policy as a party. The cards are for free” the sources told us.


This development comes at a time when a group of NRM faithful in the Diaspora are allegedly working on a suit against the NRM secretariat bosses accusing them of failure to reign in on the renegade group in order to avoid them from losing their monies in the name of buying membership cards. Each card according to information was being sold at 10pounds and that the victims met last Friday to plan on how to lodge a petition in court against the NRM secretariat.

“The London victims of the Asiimwe fake cards fraud want to take a civil action where they want the SG to be a Respondent/defendant. They argue that they have been defrauded and lost a lot of money and that SG should have exercised control over the marauding group” the source told us. However, the SG’s office a fortnight ago came out and disowned this group and promised litigation once investigations are fully done.

NRM Turkey Chapter.

Meanwhile, the Turkey chapter boss Wasswa clarified that as a chapter, members were simply duped on these cards.

“I know nothing about these fake cards and I cannot allow them to circulate in Istanbul.  That group is illegally registering members and seems to have a hidden agenda. Our allegiance as a Chapter is to support our National Chairman President Museveni. The fake cards have not only harmed the chapter but also families of NRM members who have been fleeced on their money by these fraudsters” he said.

He added that these matters of fleecing members had already landed into the ears of Engola who is their patron and that he is mad about it.

“And now our Turkey Chapter Patron Hon. Sam Engola the NRM Vice Chairman Northern Region he is not happy with our chapter asking how and why we deal this people who print and sell FAKE NRM membership cards. Also some of my chapter members are threatening to sue me for misleading them in introducing them to these fraudster’s of London” he said.


In another development, the S. African chapter has also warned its members against buying cards being sold.

The Coordinator NRM South Africa Bashir Musisi denounced the group as a fraudster whose fake card scheme was a net to cheat Ugandans.

“I urge Ugandans in South Africa not to be lured anymore as no such loans or NRM Membership card exist for them as peddled by Patrick Asiimwe, and others. They have a hidden agenda” he said.


Chairman NRM UK & Ireland Chapter Drake Wakame also came out and denounced the circulation of fake NRM Membership Cards for sell in the United Kingdom.


“I would like to categorically state that we dissociate ourselves from this group and its illegal activities which in the past have included attempts to hijack the Chairmanship of the global Diaspora League, storming the NRM Party Headquarters’ in Kampala. Our position is that we belong to a party that is governed by rules of procedure that are exercised on a democratic platform” he said.

Wakame wondered as to how Patrick Asiimwe, Titus Kirabo and Moses Kimuli could go around with such a fake project and even continued without regard to the State House, Authority and Secretary General Rt. Hon Justine Lumumba statement.

“Such disrespect for the NRM SG and Secretariat is the arrogance that led Asiimwe to be voted out of the leadership of UK Chapter. The desperation is evidenced by the spurious promises of the so called privileges conferred by the fake cards such as loans from Uganda banks guaranteed by the NRM government” he said.

He called for calm and unity. He said that the UK-chapter is fully behind chairman Yoweri Museveni and Diaspora league chairman Abbey Walusimbi. He appealed to Ugandans who have lost money to this fake NRM project to sue the promoters personally and not sue the NRM national Party in London as it is being threatened.


A fortnight ago, the Red Pepper broke a story suggesting that fraud had hit NRM membership cards in the Diaspora where crooks were printing fake cards and selling them dearly to members. The group behind this promised that once one secures this card, it is a guarantee to free loans in Ugandan banks guarantee by government and land among other freebies. The NRM SG Lumumba outted a statement disowning this group and warned members against dealing with it. She said the secretariat was going to investigate those behind it and sue them.

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