Sexual Favors Dominate Ibanda District Recruitment

The Ibanda district chairman Melichiadis Kazwengye says in the last one month, he has received 10 complaints from young girls and women claiming to have been sexually abused by his workers, on the promise of getting them jobs at the district.

Mr Kazwengye who spoke angrily against the vice in a chat with Chimpreports, says many offices at the district are occupied by sex predators.

He says the situation is worse when the district announces new jobs in the papers.

Ibanda District Seerice Commission recently announced vacancies for a number of offices including the Community Development Officer, Probation & Social Welfare Officer, Assistant Records Officer, Senior Accounts Officer, Senior Education Officer, Finance Officer and Labor Officer.

“When we announce jobs, our men start drooling,” said the district Chairman.

In the complaints he has received so far, Kazwengye says the ladies say they are guaranteed jobs by district officers in exchange for sexual favors.

“Most of these young women unfortunately, are not even shortlisted,” he said.

He added that the district officers lure the girls with claims that they have strong connections with him (Kazwengye) or the Chief Administrative Officer.

“This is criminality. Our officers need to know that these are mostly young women, some the age of their daughters. Suppose it was your daughter seeking a job and someone else took advantage of them,” he noted.

Besides the sex offenders, Mr. Kazwengye also warned district officers soliciting bribes from job seekers, promising to get them through interviews; warning that these will be handled by the arm of the law.