Museveni: Stella Nyanzi has no Right to Abuse People

President Museveni has broken silence on the jailing of controversial Makerere University Researcher, Dr Stella Nyanzi, saying she abused her freedom of speech and expression.

“If you are an activist and you commit an offence, because with human rights you must also speak of the rights of others, you cannot trample on the rights of others…” said Museveni in an interview with Al Jazeera.

“And you say “it is my right to abuse other people”, to insult other people … no. Rights go with responsibilities – if you know anything about democracy,” he added.

Museveni was responding to a question on why Nyanzi was sent to prison.

Nyanzi caught the public eye last year when she stripped naked in a protest against her boss at the University.

She would later use her Facebook post to abuse the First Family and at one time describing the president as a ‘pair of buttocks.’

Several human rights groups have since condemned Nyanzi’s prosecution, saying she reserved the freedom of expression.

Speaking to Al Jazeera during his recent visit to Qatar, Museveni defended state institution’s action against Nyanzi, arguing Uganda is one of the most democratic countries in the world.

“In terms of free speech, we have something like 250 private radios, which say whatever they want. We have so many television stations, private …” said Museveni.

“I don’t know how many you have here in Qatar, private ones … maybe you can tell me. I only see Al Jazeera. But for us, we have so many. The empowerment of women – many women compared to other countries – in leadership.”