AfT Taps Into Kristian Andy’s Entrepreneurial Skills

Andy Kristian is a new board member at the Agency for Transformation (AfT), officials said Sunday.

A graduate of Harvard University, Andy is an advisor at the MIT Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship and the Government of Rwanda on Trade and Investment.

AfT boss Morrison Rwakakamba told ChimpReports that Andy “brings in vast experience in innovations and rich market chain networks for commodities like coffee.”

Andy is the Founder of Hiinga, spending time between Africa and Charlotte, North Carolina.

He graduated from Harvard University with an MPA (Business and Government).

Rwakakamba said as a founding CEO of Hinga.Inc, Andy Kristian has marketed value added coffee around United States.

“Hinga also retains major footprint in delivery of low cost micro loans to many farmers Uganda,” said Rwakakamba, adding, “AfT is very much involved in service offering for farmers and agricultural chain actors and Andy is  our sounding board and point man on services and policies that impact farmers’ livelihoods.”

AfT was formed to stimulate a strong and effective farmer agency for advancement and competitiveness of the agriculture sector for reduction of poverty in East Africa.

The organisation works to mobilise and provide farmers with information on how the new Uganda (Uganda in the Oil age) will impact on them.

Policy makers say the youth need to be attracted back to agriculture through targeted policy measures that address the constraints specific to the youth in agriculture and more importantly, overturn the negativity surrounding youth in agriculture.

Andy is a frequent speaker on social innovation and economic development at universities including MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Messiah College.

Other members on the AfT board include Amos Zikusooka, Clare Akamanzi, Dan Kajungu among others.